Who is fooling who on this Jimi Wanjigi circus?

Photo Credit: Star News Kenya

In 2013, businessman Jimi Wanjigi was at the heart of the Jubilee Coalition campaigns. In fact, he was the fulcrum of the campaign machine.

A wealthy man, Jimi used his deep pockets to propel UhuRuto into power. But, like many who stuck out their necks for Jubilee four-and-a-half years ago, Jimi disembarked from Jubilee’s boat.

He has joined swelling numbers of former top Jubilee honchos who want nothing to do with the ruling party.

The businessman is now the man calling the shots at the National Super Alliance. His move did not go down well with some circles within JP. This is evidenced by the vitriol aimed at the man who was once Jubilee’s darling.

It is interesting how the truth sometimes is sacrificed at the altar of mudslinging. A local daily recently purported to lift the lid on Jimi in what many say was story-framing aimed at soothing the egos of those that Jimi jilted as he headed to NASA.

The story’s publication was either planted or meant to exhibit NASA as corrupt and therefore deny it the moral authority to criticise Jubilee over chronic corruption.

In other words, the story was intended to level the ground in as far as the graft blame-game is concerned.

If, Indeed, the businessman was involved in many suspect dealings such as Anglo Leasing and other scams, why hasn’t he been dragged to the dock to stand trial?

Jimi’s rejection of Jubilee was unexpected, hence the amplified mudslinging games we are witnessing against him.

When Jimi was working with Jubilee, everyone around him was blind to his alleged sins of commission and omission. But the minute he bolted, eyes miraculously opened up and, alas! The man suddenly became corrupt. While they enjoyed his money, they saw no evil and heard no evil.

The Nation story on Jimmy Wanjigi is skewed and written subjectively with an intention to drag the billionaire businessman in the mud over his apparent association with NASA.

Evidently, it is crystal clear that the ruling party is relishing hitting at Jimi without substantiating their claims.

Jubilee has all the instruments of power. Why is it not using them to arrest him and charge him in a court of law for the crimes they claim he is guilty of?

I hold no brief for Jimi, but it is imperative we separate the truth from the lies.

Jebet is a political analyst