What romantic women do to keep the fireworks in a relationship

Photo Credit: Wanja Mbuthia

When a woman loves, she loves from the bottom of her heart. Yeah, it’s true for most women. And from a man’s end, men yearn for a woman that truly loves and cares for them. Love is too basic I would say, for you to make your man needed and appreciated, you ought to go an extra mile and be a little bit romantic. Keep the fire burning:

Here are some of the things romantic women do for their lovers:


Yeah right!! I know getting a man a gift that he will really like is next to rocket science. But you gotta go that extra mile and find out what they really like and then gift it to them. Sometimes if you can seem to know what really makes him happy, be creative, get anything and just hope he likes it or at least appreciates it. Note that this could backfire on you though. But it’s worth the risk.

Surprise meals

A way to man’s heart is through his stomach. This was drilled into our young minds growing up and I absolutely concur. Going out of your way to just make a surprise meal for your man goes a long way to prove how romantic you are. I acknowledge the fact that not all of us are gifted in cooking, but go an extra mile, take cooking lessons. Yeah… romantic women go out of their way.

The romantic notes

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Yeah!! This is not old-fashioned for the romantic lady. Leave your hubby random romantic notes quite often. Sneak it in his shirt pocket, sneak it in his briefcase, draft a letter for him and pack it with his clothes wherever he is travelling. It makes him feel and know that your thoughts are with him always and he is going to describe you as the most romantic thing to his friends.

Be sexy

Men love sexy!! Men just can’t resist sexy!! Keep clean and attractive always and with a good attitude. That’s what romantic women do. A great mistake that women make especially when they get married is act like ‘sexy’ doesn’t matter anymore. That is a gory mistake. Strive to keep sexy and the fireworks will always be there.

Great sex

Yeah. We are sexual beings and we love great sex. Ironically, the African setting is that the man makes the first move in the bedroom and the woman should oblige and just roll with the punches. But that shouldn’t be the case, men appreciate women who are adventurous in the bedroom. Some women tend to hold back so as not to be viewed as ratchet but romantic women know that being adventurous leads to great sex and great sex is what we all need.