Upclose with Manu Chandaria on #WeekendWithBetty


A note from the Editor

The first thing I did when I got home after watching this insightful video was to open my overflowing wardrobe and marvel at how much money I had wasted over the years accumulating clothes and shoes I hardly wore. Dr Chandaria, on the other hand, a man who could easily own a whole high street worth of clothes, has 5 suits, 2 jackets, 2 belts and one wallet. Well, it is no wonder we still crying broke even after working for so many years.

When the doors to his mansion opened, I expected a welcome to my crib type of atmosphere with a flurry of helpers tending to the billionaire’s home. I expected to see ceilings dripping of gold an indication of the wealth amassed but this was a humble home, this was a home that mirrored its owner’s humility. It was tasteful and simple, exuding love and a calmness that soothed, a house that had hosted and had the blessings of Mother Teresa not once but four times.

Dr Chandaria at 90 and a billionaire is up at 6 am while most of us are still in the wide world of dreams. He has built a certain admirable routine that I believe has helped keep him agile, alert and focused over the years. I would have loved to hear how he made his first million and how it felt. I must say that this video has taught me some really valuable lessons in life. A must watch. Thanks, Betty and Crew.