Photo Credit: Steven Gerrard Instagram

So …. whilst browsing the papers and of course the gram I came across a hotly contested topic involving one Steven Gerrard. Now the ex footballer had lovingly gifted his daughter a personally engraved 18-carat rose gold iPad, which costs around £1,455 for her birthday.

Then he, like many of us took to the gram to share this with his 6.5 million followers. As you would expect this was met with mixed emotions majority being a disappointment and some even to the extend of accusing him of gloating. Personally I find this very unfair, what does it concern anyone what he does for his kids? If I had that kind of money I would gift my kids the world. Gloating? really? what we need to realise is that whilst this seems like a whole lot of money to most of us it is small change for the likes of Gerrard. So if he were to gloat I assure you it would not be with a £1,455 iPad.

He probably even got it for free, we know that high ranking celebrities are marketing machines and any instagrammer who has that amount of followers is bound to have companies approaching him from all ends for advertising purposes. I think his only crime is that he is a public figure whose child is not deserving of such ‘opulence’, while we are busy queuing for the latest gadgets for our own.

This is when lanes come into play, he is in his lane. For all we know his kids are in a private school, where this particular gift that is making our eyes pop out would not even get a head turn. Let us stop judging and with all due respect try and keep to our lanes.

I think public figure or not one should not be made to justify the gifts they give especially to their kids regardless of age. These people have earned their money through sweat and tears just like the rest of us, intense pressure to keep bringing the trophies home and not forgetting our eyes scrutinising their every move lest they bought their daughters gifts we did not approve. What’s the point of working to have millions in the bank if you have to always justify your purchases to the world? Yes I agree millions are dying of poverty but so are they by unjustified wars. Say he donated his all today would that right all the wrongs of the world we live in. Let Gerrard and many more like him be!