Image Credit: Kenya High Commision UK

The Kenya Vision 2030 recognizes Diaspora contribution as a critical component to the growth of our economy and in the achievement of our overarching vision of a globally competitive and prosperous Kenya by the year 2030. KTB in partnership with Kenya Diaspora Alliance (KDA) and Kenya High Commission, London will host a Diaspora Networking event whose aim will be to rally the Kenya Diaspora living in London and its environs behind Kenya’s tourism brand, educate them on their role in supporting the promotion of tourism in UK, investment opportunities and various partnership opportunities in marketing the destination. The forum will also be a platform where the diaspora will get an opportunity to share their ideas on how best to market the destination in a more efficient and effective manner.

This will be the first ever diaspora engagement that KTB will host in collaboration with the High Commission in the region. The event will sensitize the Diaspora on their role as tourism brand ambassadors which is a critical avenue for reaching out to potential travellers through the word of mouth (WOM). The diaspora will be educated on the destination’s attractions, experiences, how tourism consumption has evolved, and various partnership opportunities in marketing the destination. KTB will also gain insights from the Diaspora community on how best to engage them in marketing the destination to the friends, family and colleagues.

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