Joho’s silence wanting, shows lifeline hinged on Raila, says Jubilee politician

Mombasa deputy governor William Kingi discusses plans to open the Dongo Kundu Special Economic Zone at the county on April 1, 2018. /THE STAR KENYA

A Jubilee politician has downplayed Hassan Joho’s influence saying the Mombasa Governor depends on Opposition leader Raila Odinga for political survival.

Abdi Daib, Jubilee Changamwe MP aspirant in the 2017 polls, on Friday said this follows Joho’s silence which he described as ‘wanting’.

The governor has been out of the public limelight for long since President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila’s famed Harambee House handshake.

He, however, expressed his support for Raila ” in efforts towards unity, peace and justice in Kenya.”

“I pray that God gives him strength and wisdom to deliver a brighter future for all of us in this country,” Joho said after the handshake.

Since then, his twitter handlers have kept posting pictures of county executive activities spearheaded by deputy governor William Kingi.

Mombasa communications director Richard Chacha says the county boss is in Estonia for official duty, further dismissing Daib as an attention seeker.

Chacha said the critics have found a soft-spot in Joho in their bid to be famous.

“We will not respond to their issues…we all know that Joho has been in Estonia on official duty,” Chacha said.

But Daib maintains that Raila’s choice to work with Uhuru has exposed Joho as a “politician who can stand on his own”.

“He has been making all the noise because of Raila Odinga. Now that Raila has decided to work with Uhuru, Joho is disappearing into political oblivion.”

He said the governor’s chances of survival now rest with Deputy President William Ruto, who he referred to as the de facto Jubilee presidential candidate in the 2022 vote.

Daib says the governor, who has expressed interest in the presidency, should know that the race will not be a walk in the park.

“Joho will need people who are “pulling wagons” and DP Ruto is the only person who has those wagons,” Daib said.

He said the governor should end his “honeymoon” abroad and come and serve the residents.

Daib said Chacha has an obligation to tell the Mombasa residents where the governor is saying they are aware the Estonia trip had ended.

Coast political analyst Philip Mbaji warned politicians against mistaking Joho’s silence for cowardice.

“He is a master of suspense. He is very good at keeping people guessing his next move. Believe me, he will make a move that will take everyone by surprise.”

Mbaji the Raila-Uhuru handshake has “rendered so many politicians jobless”.

“Therefore, Joho has to be keen with his words not to kill his 2022 dream.”

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