PIKA: FOOD THURSDAYS: Chef Martin How To Make Chapati Mayai eps 8 :Citizen TV


Times are truly changing, there were days when if chapati did not have stewed ndengu with roiko (mung beans) as a side dish that meal was deemed incomplete, when the whole estate would know that you guys were making chapos and guests were not welcome as these would seriously affect the rations. Fast forward to a time when chapos (chapati) have had the digital treatment. We are now at the age where chapos come with a dipping sauce and are displayed like a ka swiss roll. Where chapos can be cooked by anyone, not just that one aunty who made the softest most layered chapos. I mean with a dipping sauce even the hard ones ( frisbees as dad called them ) are palatable. I cannot wait to try this recipe which am sure tastes heavenly especially if the chapatis are soft. Now indulge and feel free to thank us later :-))