Corridors of Power


An MP from one of the four Ukambani counties is on the spot for issuing bouncing cheques to a businessman who manages a car hire firm. The first-time MP leased a car registration number KCG 763X a week before the start of party nominations last year at a fee of Sh2,500 per day. He has had the car for close to one and half years. Initially he was paying well and sometimes even in advance. However, from May 1, 2017, up to February 7, 2018, (283 days plus fuel of Ksh4,800) he did not pay. The MP gave issued three postdated cheques which bounced on their maturity date for lack of funds in the account. The cheques were for the sum of Sh412,300, leaving a balance of Sh300,000. He has now stopped picking up calls. It the world.


A chief officer for finance in a troubled county in northern Kenya is in panic mode. The officer is not only in charge of county funds but still works as the CDF fund manager in one of the constituencies in the same county. The officer is worried by the recent circular by the stepping aside all accounting officers in government departments. He holds two AIE holding positions in the devolved sector and has often authorised various fictitious payments in the county. EACC officials who went to the county to look for him have been unsuccessful as he severally dodged them. Only time will tell how long the shrewd public servant will remain at large.