A One on One with Optiven Ltd: Glasgow, Edinburgh Scotland

From the Optiven Team.
Photo Credit: Optiven Ltd Kenya
*Do Not Miss This Opportunity*

You invited as an Individual, Chama and Investment Group for a One on One with Optiven Group Team in the Glasgow on the

1st of May 2017 at The Holiday Inn Glasgow

2nd May 2017 at 200 Great Junction Edinburgh Scotland. No appointment needed.

Please call the following numbers to book an appointment
Optiven Contact +447440021602 Equity Contact: +447466823261
The My254 team attended both events in Glasgow and are amazed at how feasible this opportunity is. We heard from both the Optiven and Equity team and a number of Glaswegian Kenyans who had invested. Apart from the investment talks we were really motivated and inspired by the Optiven Team Leader (CEO) Mr Wachiuri. You need to attend one of their meetings.
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