Wedding Venue Feature ~ Enashipai Resort and Spa


NY1A8471Our venue Feature this month is the Enashipai Resort and Spa. Enashipai which is a Maasai term for the place of happiness defines the ambience that is this divine Resort and Spa.

Derived from their website here is a little snippet of what weddings are like at Enashipai.

‘Be it intimate or extravagant, traditional or unexpected, the perfect wedding starts with a perfect location. One that not only sets a beautiful backdrop for your ceremony but also fosters warmth and provides support for you, your loved ones and your guests.

At Enashipai, We take weddings seriously! We employ our tradition of service excellence and professional hospitality support, to ensure your Bridal shower, Rehearsal dinner, Wedding Ceremony, Reception Lunch or Dinner and Evening Party are flawless. We take pride in ensuring we have covered all the details so that your special day is truly magical and worry-free. Thereafter, we employ the same vigour to ensure your honeymoon is relaxing and memorable. Breakfast in bed and long relaxing treatments in our VIP couples suite at the fabulous Siyara Spa are some of the surprises we have in store for you’.




Maasai shukas as Sashes .... Divine..
Maasai shukas as Sashes …. Divine..