We watched in awe as the dazzling beams of the laser lights and the dancing formations of the water fountains captivated and took us to a far away land. We constantly had to remind ourselves that the virtual world had not taken us to Dubai or Sydney, that we were watching what was set to become the talk of 2017 happening in our own city courtesy of the latest development in Nairobi,The Two Rivers Mall.

Set to become the largest mall in Sub Saharan Africa apart from well, South Africa, TR as it is now fondly nicknamed has given us yet another reason ya ‘Kujivunia Kuwa Wakenya’.

Allow us to proudly crown this SuperMall the ‘Eighth Wonder of our World’, as apart from the dancing fountains and laser shows, TR houses amongst others an adventurous park, aqua sports, food courts, a 500 inch outdoor screen, shops and lots of them, a hypermarket, a health and wellness centre, 2000 parking bays and not one but two hotels in its vicinity. Now what other title befits that?

TR is a gentle reminder of the potential we have as a country, the potential to build, develop, protect and grow our beautiful land. Kenya is a hub, a gem, that rough pearl with a glimmer shining from within. It is time to claw open that shell and shine out so loud that we are heard across all continents.

TR has set an opening date for the 14th February 2017. We simply can’t wait!!