TRAVEL CHRONICLES: Lake Naivasha Panorama Park

Photo Credit: Lake Naivasha Panorama

A friend posted this venue on the gram and we could not resist a share.

Below is a description of the venue from its website.

Lake Naivasha Panorama Park was opened in December, 2007 after being under construction for three years. We have emerged to fill the gap that has existed in Naivasha town and its surrounding. Naivasha with its beautiful Lake Naivasha is an epicenter of tourist activities; as a result there has been a need to increase its conference and bed capacity not only to international tourists but also to its swelling number of domestic tourists.

Lake Naivasha Panorama Park offers high standards accommodation with a blend of Kenyan tradition and modern sophistication on a budget. This ensures that you get pure value for your money and gives you a sense of being home away from home. We have a dedicated and very informative staff that will make you feel well attended whenever you are in need.

The founders of Panorama Park are committed Christians who would like to see you enjoy your holiday positively. This makes our establishment an environmental friendly to people from all walks and ages.

“Panorama has been a value additional facility to most of our clientele through our services, to those who are venturing in strengthening their family bonds and out of office meetings through seminars and conferences”
– Mr John Mugo – C.E.O
“As the only non-alcoholic facility in Naivasha, we have risen above many challenges in this sophisticated market; through strengthening our niche and also the various support we have had from various stakeholders is exemplary’ we thank God for this far.”
– Mrs Gladys Wanjeri, Director.