The Shaza: The Truly Stunning Membership Only Club in Mombasa

Photo Credit: Capital News

There’s nothing more fulfilling than discovering beautiful, elegant, luxurious gems in your own country. Absolutely nothing! So you can imagine my excitement a few weeks back when I had the pleasure of visiting one of such gems that I had no idea existed. I’m talking about The SHAZA Club.

A beautiful place, authentic experience, luxurious accommodation coupled with state of the art amenities on the shores of the beautiful ocean…Yes Please!

We all know that Mombasa is one of Kenya’s beloved cities. The city of white sandy beaches, palm trees, clear blue skies and waters where spectacular sunrises and colorful sunsets are sights to behold and where any chance to visit is never passed up. Which better place to have your tastefully built membership only club located?

The Shaza club  which is situated along Shanzu beach in the Northern Coast of Mombasa recently launched as an exclusive membership only club. I was lucky to get an invite to attend the dinner launch which saw me spend a weekend at the beautiful private property.

Membership of the club offers you the privilege of discretionary access to a place that you can go to whenever you like.

The Shaza

The Shaza club tries to redefine what it is to be at the forefront of hospitality. Truly stunning both by day and by night. While your days at the Shaza could be spent outdoors swimming or hanging out by the pool or even indoors opting to stay away from the sun, the nights could be spent at any one of the various hang out joints within the property. The night air both warm and breezy will help you wind down your day with the therapeutic yet peaceful sound of the ocean. Since Shaza  sits on a private property  without lights distracting the night sky, your thoughts can easily disappear into the beauty of nature with stars carpeting the sky.





What on earth could beat waking up to those beautiful sunrises and the clearest and bluest of skies? The strategically built executive suites at the Shaza have the most magical views of the grand, endless ocean.


From the Arabic Swahili architecture (synonymous with authentic Kenyan  Coastal towns) to lovely, spacious interiors full of light and stunning views  courtesy of the floor to ceiling windows, to spacious balconies with views of the stunning ocean which helps clear and refresh your mind naturally, nothing has been left to chance when it comes to the Shaza  architecture.


The Shaza Club has quite a range of amenities starting with a variety of suites which include Penthouses, 2-bedroom units and executive 3-bedroom Suites which  can accommodate up to 6 guests and are tastefully fitted and lavishly furnished with a large sea-facing balcony to choose from.

Penthouse Suites


Pent house at the Shaza



Executive Suites



Photos courtesy of Capital News