The Panari Resort: The Luxury Hideaway in Nyahururu


Maureen Ojunga for Capital FM

This is a fact: One of the most incredible things about living in Nairobi is that within 2.5 hours you can be at a lake, somewhere in the mountains, in the vast wilderness, at some geothermal spa, or even at some gem tucked away in the dense forest with therapeutic sounds of falling waters and views that will simply take your breath away.The adventures are endless and the best part is that they are just a short drive away.

They say a road trip is always a plan and so a few Saturdays ago a bunch of us hopped into a van and off we went on a 2.5 hour fun-filled trip to the Panari Resort in Nyahururu. A lake, a forest, a river, a waterfall all within walking and short driving distances of each other surrounding a gem of a  hotel is what met us when we got to our destination. Could there be a better road trip leading to a better destination?

Neighbouring the Marmanet Forest, the Panari Resort stands with its beautifully manicured grounds that will seduce you with its calmness-oozing atmosphere, the green of the grass, the other green of the forest, the clear blue skies, the clean, fresh air, the sound of the falling waters from the nearby waterfall… all this felt and experienced the second one lays foot in the 20 acres of tranquil forest and where luxury awaits.

Photo Credit: Capital FM Kenya

“You mean there is such a heavenly place in Nyahururu? It’s beautiful!” A friend commented upon seeing one of the pictures I posted on my social media taken at the Panari Resort.Well, there’s so much more beauty that was not captured in that picture but since I am all about sharing my experience from my short stay at  the resort with you I will try and paint you a larger picture that will maybe see you hopping into a car with a few friends and driving off to get your very own Panari experience.

Scenic views from the rooms


Photo Credit: Capital FM Kenya

The Resort offers two choices of accommodation: Cottage rooms and Courtyard rooms all offering a little special something.

The Cottage rooms are set in a quiet and serene area away from the main building and have views over the Ewaso Nyiro River and further into the Marmanet Forest.
The rooms are all set with a fireplace to offer warmth on those typical cold evenings, an intimate sitting area and a balcony to take in the scenic view all around you as you sip on your tea or coffee or whatever it is that you  feel you should be drinking.

The Courtyard Rooms are hosted in the main building and are basically family rooms that are interconnected. From these rooms you can take in the sounds of the Thomson Falls. These are the perfect rooms for families as the rooms look into the children’s playing area. There are rooms to cater for the physically challenged as well  and they are strategically situated near the dining and bar areas.

*The beautiful Thomson Falls

Photo Credit: Capital FM Kenya

Situated just 2 miles from Nyahururu town and neighbouring the Panari Resort is the Thomson’s Falls which is a 243 ft scenic waterfall on the Ewaso Ng’iro river that drains from the Aberdare Mountain Range.

Visitors of the Panari resort can either have an ‘above view” of the falls or make use of the trail down to the bottom of the ravine which also offers for an epic adventure.

*The Hippo Pools

Upstream from the Thomson’s falls is one of the highest hippo pools in Kenya that are situated along the Ewaso Ng’iro River. The perfect times to see the hippos would be during the early hours of morning or at dusk when the large animals are freely grazing on the grass fields.

*Looking for a picturesque wedding venue?

Photo Credit: Capital FM Kenya

Lush lawns and beautiful flower gardens that are very neatly manicured are visible everywhere you look which makes it a beautiful location for wedding photo shoots, andgarden parties. Who wouldn’t want their wedding ceremony at such a picturesque venue?

*Activities for the healthy lifestyle junkie

The resort has an indoor pool complete with a well-trimmed lawn for sun bathing and a bar and restaurant that offers healthy options for kids and adults alike.

ypga-panariPhoto Credit: Capital FM Kenya

The gym carries modern gym equipment making it easy for anyone to continue with their usual personalized workout regimen.
Zumba, Yoga therapy and aerobics are also offered by trained instructors and if steam and sauna is your thing then you can enjoy a visit to the spa.

*Your kids will have fun too

With plenty of indoor and outdoor game areas and with lots of fun activities for children, your kids are bound to have fun while giving you some space to also sit back and unwind.

*The friendliest staff ever!

Who wouldn’t want to spend their time away from home being treated like royalty? At the Panari Resort,  there’s always someone willing to help you with whatever you need help with. If you need help carrying your handbag, you don’t even have to ask, there will be someone ready to help you with even the smallest of tasks in a friendly manner that just makes you feel like that’s where you belong.

Whether you want to chill and unwind or use the resort as your luxury base as you head out further on to explore other major lakes within short driving distances among other excursions, for the loveliest sunsets, breathtaking views, endless adventures, dense forest, clear blue skies and a luxury hideaway in the forest, the Panari Resort Nyahururu should be at the top of your list for when you think of that road trip with your people. Just remember to pack your jacket