Six things about being single that you will miss once you get married

Photo Credit: EVE WOMAN

Missing bits of the single life doesn’t have to mean you’re not happy in your relationship, just like craving elements of a relationship doesn’t mean a single person isn’t happy. But each lifestyle certainly comes with its perks. Let’s be real: there was just a buzz in the air when you were single. Each day was full of possibilities.

You were such a free agent, never having to consider anyone else in your plans, your meals, or even your actions. You may say married life hasn’t changed you but, admit it; there are some things you did when you were single that you could never do now. And you’re not complaining! But sometimes, you get a bit nostalgic for those good old days of wondering when the one would come along, and entertaining yourself fabulously in the meantime. Here are things you’ll miss about the single life when you’re married.

  1. A reason to dress up: Any time you stepped out the door—even just to pick up toilet paper—you could meet the one. Simply living was a reason to get dressed up and make use of every part of your carefully curated wardrobe.
  2. Coming home whenever you want: There wasn’t anybody at home waiting for you, nor was there someone you wanted to rush home to see, so you’d say yes to the after-hours party, or that one last drink, or that spontaneous overnight stay somewhere
  3. Not consulting anyone on decorating items: If you found a funky chair you liked at a furniture shop, you just brought it home. You didn’t have to text a photo to your hubby to make sure he approved of it.
  4. The freedom to be messy until you want to clean: If you were just super busy (or super lazy) you could let your place become out of control messy. But, your mess didn’t affect anybody but you, so you didn’t feel guilty about it.
  5. Going to the bathroom with the door open: You never shut the door to go to the bathroom—no, not even number two—when you were single. There was just no point, and it was marvelous.
  6. Complaining about men to your girlfriends…Venting about guys to your girlfriends! That was the best! You could laugh and talk for hours, retelling your bad date stories and your awkward hookup adventures.