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So I decided to do a little summary of home products that I have used and got brilliant results from in the hope that someone will do a follow up blog listing their favourites. These are just a few of my staple buys in random categories, not sponsored but tried and tested over the years to brilliant results.

As a mother of two I will be a bit biased and rank this first product as my absolute best buy. This product was recommended to me by my friend Lisa as soon as she spotted my baby bump and she got me my first one. Thank God she did as I had a list of recommended products the size of the Pacific from fellow mums, aunts, grandmas and friends so there was no chance that I would have bought it myself. To cut a long story short my first amazing fabulous find is a Nappy cream. Yes I said it. Burt’s Bees it is. This cream comes straight from the gods. It applies a protective layer over baby’s bum and lasts for quite some time . The price is not that pretty but for the peaceful nights this yellow bee genius is priceless.

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I discovered Dettol Mould and Mildew remover by luck again from a friend after a few grazed knees thanks to scrubbing mould on my bathroom tiles which I mistook for stubborn dirt. My friend Gerry visited once took one look at my bathroom and offered a solution she had tried and tested. I explained to her the numerous products after products I had tried to no avail. This product works in seconds, I remember I sprayed it went downstairs and when I walked back my bathroom looked like it had been refitted. The black ugly looking mould was replaced by gleaming white tiles after a rinse and polish. So if you have the same problem give Dettol a try.


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Summer is officially ant season in the UK and these tiny little rascals are everywhere. They especially love sugar and we have had a waterfall of them on our honey bottles and everywhere else where sugary stuff is kept. In a household with kids one has to be careful when choosing products and that is why my next product is really convenient and quite effective. These ant baits have a sugary syrup which attracts the ants who then take the food back to their colony and within days the product destroys the whole colony. In about 3 days of using them there were no ants in our house infact the kids are actually missing their chase buddies.

Those are my three products for this week. Can I just add that this post is not sponsored and the opinions are personal.