Foreign Special Forces Join KDF in Somalia

The British SAS in action GOOGLE

Foreign Special Forces including the British SAS and their counterparts from Jordan are secretly working with Kenya to defeat militia group Al Shabaab, the Middle East Eye has revealed.

It is reported that Jordanian King Abdullah II Ibn Hussein told US congressional leaders in January, that his Kingdom had resorted to collaborate with the British SAS in the fight against Al Shabaab.

“Jordan is looking at al-Shabab because no one was really looking at the issue, and we cannot separate this issue, and the need to look at all the hot spots in the map,” the King said.

“We have a rapid deployment force that will stand with the British and Kenya and is ready to go over the border [into Somalia],” he added.

This report comes after a recent ambush by a contigent of foreign Special Forces believed to have been Americans, which left about 11 Al Shabaab fighters dead and scores wounded.

“There was an operation by Special Forces late last night around Awdhegele town. We have reports Shabaab militants suffered casualties,” local District Commissioner Mohamed Aweys told reporters after the surprise attack.

Kenya’s Elite Unit is also believed to have staged tactical attacks including that which killed Al Shabaab’s Deputy Commander and Intelligent Chief Mahad Karate, also known as Abdirahim Mohamed Warsame.

Warsame was slain alongside 52 other militants on February 8, including a dozen middle level commanders.

The Kenya Defence Forces has been conducting fatal airstrikes on the enemy camps in retaliation to the January 15 bloody ambush on it soldiers at El Adde, Gedo region of Somalia, in which tens of Kenyan troops lost their lives.

Below is a member of the Jordanian Special Forces during a past military drill: