‘Fabulous Little Finds’, October 2016

Photo Credit: Ali Express


Having dried my clothes on top of radiators for more than 10 years of living in the UK the heated clothes airer was like a direct answer to one of my many prayer requests. You know the kind that you mutter when washing after washing stares you right in the face and the weather outside is acting up. The model I have featured is the exact one that caught my eye on the window of one of the Lakeland stores in the city. This is not to say that it is the best or the cheapest but it was love at first sight and it would be unfair to feature any other model. So if like me this is the first you are seeing this laundry lifesaver do your research, read your reviews and indulge.

Photo Credit: Lakeland
Photo Credit: Lakeland


For lack of better words to sum up the next fabulous find, please excuse the header. I came across this brilliant idea whilst browsing or nosing through a friend’s facebook page. I tend to consider myself pretty organised, but mornings are utter chaos especially when we have to step out. This weekly organiser ensures that kids do not wear the closest item on the drawers week in week out. So according to this friend her Sundays are spent sorting out what the kids would wear for the whole week down to their socks. These are then arranged in the drawers which have days of the week labelled on them. Her week is so much easier and I can totally understand why. I would not be surprised if I am the only one drowning in drawer disorganisation every time I have to dress the kids but this to me is a beyond fabulous little find ;-))

Photo Credit: Ali Express
Photo Credit: Ali Express

Social Superstore

Whilst reading a publication that featured a story on Michelle Mone, former CEO of ULTIMO her new business venture caught my eye. The Social Superstore is according to my understanding similar to the likes of amazon and ebay but in this case you are the store owner and are paid for every sale you make. As a shopping addict this sounded brill, so the idea as I understand it is to sign up, create a store,add merchandise from participating stores and share it amongst one’s friends, One would then earn money from every sale they made. The only con was the time it took for the money to get to you as so many parties were involved in the transaction. The number of stores involved is pleasing with names such as House of Fraser, Topshop, Office, Mr Porter and ASOS providing variety and trendy stuff. A brilliant form of entrepreneurship and for the fashion lovers a way of converting that sense of style to pounds. The video below describes the social superstore.

For more information please click here The Social Superstore

Don’t take my word for it , do a bit of research and as always read the reviews.

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