EVENTS KENYA: Re Imagine 2019

Image Credit: Kenya Buzz

Overview From the Organisers

Do you want to pick easy, fast and effective steps to max your 2019? RE-IMAGINE is your opportunity to shift the gears. At Re-Imagine, you will learn how to use the 7x Personal Growth Plan that was taught to me by an elderly Scottish multimillionaire. The BEST NEWS is that it’s practical and easy to implement; he used it to rise out of poverty and become one of the most influential men in the UK. I have seen this tool multiply by 7x people’s impact, income and influence. I have seen it work magic in my life too. It’s your opportunity to learn it and apply it! CLARITY: How to easily identify the few things that will matter the most in winning your 2019 without becoming overwhelmed. FOCUS: How to easily filter out all needless activities and optimize your time, energy and attention without missing out on what matters to you. CONFIDENCE: How to create unwavering confidence to walk into your 2019 knowing exactly what you need to do to win, without worrying about other people’s opinions. BONUSES (***for the first 100 people to register): 1) a FREE copy the new book, RE-IMAGINE: The Power of Imagination 2) a FREE copy of the 7x PERSONAL GROWTH PLAN 3) a PRACTICAL goal-setting workshop You will come out with your 2019 fully planned, ready to start implementing. Register before tickets run out! DON’T start your 2019 without a practical tool and a plan. DON’T let your 2019 turn out like all the other years. It’s time for you to turn everything around with CLARITY, FOCUS & CONFIDENCE! Limited tickets available. Entry: KSh. 2000 only We hope you can make it! Cheers, House Of Mastery Team