Dj Cymoh Cy



Photo Courtesy: Dj Cymoh
Photo Courtesy: Dj Cymoh

Dj Cymoh is a Kenyan deejay passionate in promoting Kenyan music and Africa as a whole. His teamed up with an Ugandan deejay, Dj Billy to form the Unit Dj’s. They host a live radio show every Friday from 6pm – 10pm on radio called the East Arican Live show #EALive.

Pamtengo radio is an online radio station streamed live all over the world. The lively duo host and deejay on their show in which they take call ins and have special guests monthly live in the studio. They play predominately East African based artists however as specialised deejays play music from all over Africa and the world. Dj Cymoh is always a town away from you deejaying in events, weddings and birthday parties reaching out to his fan base. His contactable on

Facebook as Dj Cymoh Cy,

Instagram; Dj Cymoh,

Twitter; Dj Cymoh


His mixes can be found on and