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“Embrace and love your body. It’s the most amazing thing you will ever own.” ~Unknown

Wellness spa treatments and the African bush seem to go hand in hand in this sweltering East African jewel that is Kenya. In the travel community – which as of the last count had about 1.1 billion members – Kenya is known as the ‘Safari Destination’! With such a reputation to uphold, it is rejuvenating to learn that apart from breathtaking game drives in the Maasai Maras, the Tsavos and the Meru National Parks, the country has a lot more to offer in the form of wellness and relaxation.

spa treatment room with a gorgeous view of the wilderness

Of Wellness Spa Treatments and the African Heat

Being as close to the equator as it is (literally straddling the darn thing), Kenya does NOT experience real winter nor summer (thank goodness!) What it does have, however, is temperate climate with daytime temperatures ranging between 20°C/68°F and 28°C/82°F…which, for all of you weather and climate buffs out there, means that the sun is ALWAYS in your face!

While this beautiful climate may be absolutely wonderful for:

  • Skydiving over the sands of Diani
  • Taking a hot air balloon ride over the aforementioned Maasai Mara
  • Getting a feel for desert travel up North
  • Taking beautifully lit selfies with the clear blue East African sky as your backdrop

It is not necessarily that favourable for the health of your skin! Yes, it will give you an enviable tan, if that’s what you want; it will give you plenty of opportunities to wear your free-flowing sundress and it will also give you every reason to strut that bikini around but it will absolutely wreak havoc on your skin. That is unless you get the right kind of spa treatment often.

Health and Wellness under the African sun

Wellness spa overlooking the Maasai Mara

You do not have to travel far to find the right kind of luxurious wellness spa treatment that every weary body would appreciate, but, of course, choosing a wellness centre that is located in the bush has the added advantage of putting you perilously close to coming face to face with iconic members of the country’s highly sort after wildlife. Plus, you get to savour the awe-inspiring scenery while en route.

Truth be told, Kenya has hundreds of wellness spas across the map, all offering a diverse range of highly luxurious and indulgent beauty, body and skin treatment rituals that enhance your overall wellbeing. The five wellness spas mentioned are excellent examples of what the country has in store on this end of the safari spectrum.

Entim Sidai, Karen, Nairobi

Lush garden leading to a luxurious wellness spa

Deep in the heart of Karen, there is a wellness spa that beautifully combines the sound of chirping birds, rustling leaves and an infusion of clean, earthy forest air to give you the perfect setting for a relaxing getaway. The general setting immediately washes away all your city blues as you get ushered into any one of the many ‘rejuvenation chambers’ for your chosen therapeutic treatment.

Spa treatment room

From massages to facial and body scrubs, hand & feet treatments, Entim Sidai brings you a plethora of options. These include treatments such as ‘Kalahari Honey Bush Facial’, ‘Kalahari Phyto Compounding’ and a host of other treatment names that defy meaning to mere mortals. That, however, does not mean that you will not absolutely love every single one of them. When you visit, try the ‘E-Nanai’ treatment. This massage is unbelievably relaxing and goes a long way to improve your circulation, reduce stress and put you in a general ‘feel good’ mood.

Revitalize Wellness Center, Nairobi

Beautifully serene garden

As soon as you walk through the doors of Revitalize Wellness Centre, New Muthaiga, Nairobi, you will immediately find yourself entering a calmer state of mind. This facility has one over the other wellness centres in that it is an entire complex built around treating your body the way it should be treated. There is a spa, a state-of-the-art gym, a relaxing and serene garden, and even a cafe.

twin spa beds in a purple room

They are focused on giving the best and most organic of treatments which come with a side of Yoga and meditation. If you are looking to be one with yourself, this is the place to do it!

Morjana Spa, Malindi

Morjana Spa on the backdrop of a swimming pool

Every now and again you are going to want to head down to the coast for a break; an absolutely wonderful idea! When you get there, you will find the Sun and it’s entire family camped out waiting for you to arrive. With temperatures rising well above the 30°C/86°F mark on a regular basis and the humidity levels topping 69% almost on the daily, the coast is not only ‘hot’ in the sense of being gorgeous but it is also ‘hot’ in the way of smouldering. You will definitely need a spa day or two to keep sane. That is where Wellness spas come into play.

Beautiful deck with a water path

As part of the ‘Ocean Beach Resort’ in Malindi, Morjana Spa is a world-class treatment and rejuvenation centre that combines traditional therapies with modern technology to give you the perfect wellness experience. They offer holistic massages, outstanding facial and body scrubs and a whole list of other spa treatments that will have you looking and feeling ten years younger in no time at all.

But in case you are not in Malindi, all you have to do is look in one direction or another and you will find a wellness spa on the coast. Some of the most notable names include:

  • Diamond Dream of Africa Spa
  • Medina Spa
  • Hemingways Spa
  • Sandies Spa
  • Rejuve Spa
  • Pumzika Massage, Hair & Beauty Parlour
  • Sarova Whitesands Spa (Tulia)

Gorgeous spa room looking out onto a white sandy beach

Ngerende Island Lodge Spa, Maasai Mara

Located right by the Mara River, Ngerende Island Lodge Spa gives you the perfect opportunity to combine the rough and tough rumble that is the African bush and the luxurious experience that is borne of a world-class spa treatment facility. In keeping with the local theme, the wellness spa offers you indulgent pampering options that have some rather….safari-like names. Known as ‘Ngerendes ‘Big Five’ treatments, you can choose any one of these wonderful rejuvenation experiences, or even all of them…no judgement here, you are on a break after all.

Spa with attendant

  • Safari Soother
  • Sensual Africa
  • Ngerende Restorer
  • Indulgent Mara
  • Ngerende Teaser

Spa overlooking beautiful wilderness

Maybe go: Ngerende Teaser as a start, then Sensual Africa, Indulgent Mara, Safari Soother then Ngerende Restorer to get you back on your feet? It doesn’t matter; you WILL have fun!

Mara Bushtops Spa

Mara Bushtops Camp is an iconic 5-star facility way out there in the African Wilderness. Designed to blend perfectly with its surroundings and to give you the Maasai Mara experience of your dreams, Mara Bushtops Camp is the real deal!!

The wellness spa, dubbed ‘Amani African Spa Village’ offers you rejuvenating massages after a long day out on an exciting game drive. From hydrotherapy to a wide range of holistic skin and body treatments the spa village is a fully equipped complex that has a sauna, a hot jacuzzi, a gorgeous infinity pool, topped off by a wooden relaxation deck that offer you uninterrupted view of the camp’s very own salt lick and all the animals that frequent it. It doesn’t get any better!

Whether you are on Safari or just out on your lunch break in the big bad city, taking an hour off to treat yourself to a relaxing massage or a facial at a luxurious wellness spa is just what the doctor keeps ordering.


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